SCORES history
SCORES has been developed by Dr. Jos Maas since 1997, because he saw the need for using a simulator to optimize and interpret SCAL experiments. SCORES offers free simulation work to the Core Analyst community. Over the years various improvements have been made.

SCORES is a user interface to a version of the DuMuX simulator, for your SCAL flow experiments. DuMux in turn is a module for Dune and is part of the  OPM (Open Porous Media) initiative. The important support given by Bernd Flemisch, Stuttgart University, to adapt DuMux to SCORES is gratefully acknowledged.

Since 2019, the SCORES web site is part of PanTerra Geoconsultants BV. The philosophy is still to offer simulation free to the community. The SCORES simulator interface has been fully re-written, with special thanks to Dennis Meiderwijk.

Our aim is to offer a state-of-the-art simulator for SCAL engineers, reservoir engineers that are into design of lab experiments and data interpretation, WITHOUT the need for special skills or advanced training in core flood simulation.

In the summer of 2019 it is planned to add a fully automated history matching model in SCORES. This will be Auto-SCORES, and allows users to upload SCAL experiments, and the Simulator will return automatically a best-fit relative permeability and capillary pressure for the experiment.