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SCORES (Special CORE analysis Simulator) is an automated, fully implicit simulator, for design and interpretation of laboratory SCAL experiments (Pc, relative permeability).

The SCORES simulator is FREE of charge, but you have to be registered to use the simulator.
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A SCAL simulator comparative study using 5 test cases is presented in SCA2016-006 (SCA Symposium Proceedings August 2016).
The SCORES results for each test case, showing also an echo of the used input, as well as a list of various SCA papers which discuss the technical details of SCORES can be found here, or click the SCA-papers link in the upper right corner.

AutoSCORES is an automatic history matching tool, that allows to automate the tedious process of interpretation of experiments by hand.
AutoSCORES is discussed in SCA2019-024 (SCA Symposium Proceedings August 2019), while its use is further demonstrated in SCA2022-01 (SCA Symposium Proceedings September 2022) and in doi.org/10.1016/j.ijggc.2024.104074 (Intl J Greenhouse Gas Control, Volume 132, February 2024, 104074).

No need to install software, or to follow a simulation course, just upload your experiment, the simulator will work, and will then return the simulated experiment in Excel to your e-mail address. Before you start using AutoSCORES for the first time, please click the support link above to view the instruction video, read the Manual and FAQ and make use of the Simulation Training Files.
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